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Leadership Academy 201: Will You Be There?

With #LLA101 three months behind you, now more than ever is the time to work on raising your career to the next level. Qualifying for Globe Life Liberty National Division Leadership Academy 201 won’t be easy, but thanks to the awe-inspiring mentors you met at the Home Office in McKinney, Texas, you already have all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to get there. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Agency Owner Kevin Peterson’s advice for making sure your spot is reserved at the next #LLA201: Think you can stand apart from the crowd and qualify for #LLA201? Tell us in the... Read More »

Start Taking Ownership of Your Careers, #LLA201 Grads!

A month ago, Globe Life Liberty National Division's all-star team of mentors laid out the path to success for you at Leadership Academy 201. You learned how to strengthen your team and take your efforts to the next level, but none of that knowledge will help you if you don’t embrace the right frame of mind first. Previous 201 Contest Winner Justin Cochran is here, fresh off of graduating from Leadership Academy 301, to share his advice for staying focused on your next target. Think you can maintain an ownership mindset and... Read More »

Becoming a Leader, the #LLA101 Way

Aside from saying goodbye to your new peers and mentors, the hardest part about leaving Globe Life Liberty National Division Leadership Academy 101 is keeping the same energy going once you settle back in your Office. But while you’re busy with your day-to-day tasks, don’t lose sight of where you want to go in your leadership career. AO Camy Smith is here to remind you why developing yourself as a leader is the best way to grow your business. Think you can build yourself up as a leader and qualify... Read More »

Building Your Team After Globe Life Liberty National Division Leadership Academy …

One month after #LLA101, you’re firmly on the path to leadership and focused on the road ahead. Your next destination is Leadership Academy 201, but you won’t get there by yourself. First, you’ll need a solid team of your own to qualify and prove you have what it takes as a leader. As Agency Owner Tyler Mayo is here to tell you, growing your team will ultimately shape the direction of your career. Are you planning to qualify for... Read More »